XLP 504, the industrial all-round thermal printer from Novexx, is now available with a Textile Cutter-Stacker (TCS), offering the perfect 3-in-1 solution to print, cut and stack textile materials for wash care labels.

The high-definition print quality of the XLP 504 is perfect for producing wash care labels for garments, labels for mattresses, shoes, handbags, hats etc., woven labels for aircraft interiors and the automotive sector, labels for home textiles such as towels, carpets and curtains and tag printing at high volume outputs.

Due to its robust housing and durable components, the XLP 504 with TCS ensures a reliable, continuous and efficient operation giving you the flexibility to handle various textile materials and print the quantities you require.

Developed and manufactured in Germany the XLP 504 with TCS is quality you can trust.